Mountain or Beach?

Last year in 2019, I got the chance to be in a beach. Since Nepal is a landlocked country, we were able to be at beach only in India. This is just a mere feeling that crossed my mind when I was walking down the beaches of Goa!

Ever had a conflict where you are totally unable to decide whether you are a mountain person or beach person? I have had these for some time now. Every time I think about choosing one over other, I actually find myself in dilemma and end up at the same place where I started at.

Mountain has its own kind of purity and calmness whereas beaches are loud and full of energy. I have both the personality whatsoever, so still I have that dilemma while choosing one over other!

Do you feel confused sometimes over these little things in life? Or is it just me?

“Deep down sea or higher at mountain, You will find amazing beauty of peace.”

– Kiran

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76 thoughts on “Mountain or Beach?

  1. I like both. But if I am given the choice of choosing just one, then I would be in a delima just like you… But maybe if its winter the choice will be beach .And mountains if its summer. Or the other way round if I wanna see snowfall. Oh I am still in a delima. : (

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  2. Nice article Anjali. Well written. Simple yet precise. You can be both a mountain and a beach person simultaneously. Enjoy the depths and vastness of the ocean and experience the splendour and peace of the mountains.

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  3. Mountain and beach places – I think both have varied moods – mountain roars with landslide and avalances as the loud thunder of crashing waves on the beach and the mountain retains its usual calm and tranquil state like the beach at low tide.

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  4. My hometown is in Haryana and I have been living in Delhi NCR for almost a decade. So, I haven’t been to any beach so far. But I am willing to explore the southern sides, the beaches, and backwaters. Being a North Indian, we are surrounded by hills. My area comes under the Aravali Range of Hills so I am a mountain-man.

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