5 Nepali Books you can finish reading in One Sitting!

Books always gives a peace to your mind! I have been reading books for a long tine now. My parents started gifting me books since when I was 2. I thought of making this list to help new readers as well as those readers who are unaware of the following masterpieces.

Nepali language was originated from Sanskrit language a long time ago. This language is the mother tongue of two third of Nepalese population. Written in Devanagari script, Nepal has its own Nepalese literary collection which is full of excellent genres and marvelous works.

From the era of Bhanubhakta Acharya, Suwananada Daas Nepalese literary collection has been collecting it’s gems for many generations now and is flourishing till the date.

Here are the five excellent Nepali books which contains simple flow of words but holds deep meanings and has proven that Nepalese literature is no less than literary works done in other different languages. 

1. सेतो धरती [ Seto Dharti]
– Amar Neupane

This novel has been my favorite for a long time now. This novel keeps you hooked up untill you finish it up. Showing us how is it to live a life of a very young widow, this novel has portrayed an exact image of how life was a long time ago. Where young girls were married and sent off with much older men which would eventually lead to younger widows. This novel however shows the marriage between two littke kids and later the little wife gets widowed after ger husband dies due to sickness. This novel makes you laugh and you may even cry when you start feeling the pain the story shares in the book.

2. लु [Lu]
– Nayan Raj Pandey

This is a simple story of a boy named ‘Elaiya’. This is a story about a place near Indian boarder where inhuman as well as illegal activities are carried out. In this story you can find out hunger, poverty, on going war with the natural disasters crawling up in a society. Amongst all these you can find  a beautiful love story blooming under all those problems. The struggles with problems that each character had to bear was referred to as hot-humid air ‘lu’ !
We can clearly see that love can change someone from bad to good and if the table turns, it goes vice versa.

3. फिरफिरे [ PhirPhire]
– Buddhisagar

If you love reading something that is extremely simple but makes you go through a lot of emotions during that read, then this is the book you’re looking for. A general collection of everyday events of a child and his friend, his village, neighbors, their language, slangs, games you find yourself so much attached to this book. Though it is simple in overall but deep rooted meanings of life are very wisely revealed. This is definitely a one sit read because you will find very hard to refrain from this beautiful piece of art once you start reading. Indeed, as the title suggests you won’t be able to get your mind off the story and character, they just keep coming around, Just like a “PhirPhire”!

4. पल्पसा क्याफे [Palpasa Cafe]
– Narayan Wagle

I was expecting not much from this book when I started reading it. But, later I realized how amazing this book is and I regretted a lot for not reading it earlier. This book covers a wartime romance story with so much simplicity and gracefulness. You won’t realize how quickly you finish this book since this is so much lively that you don’t feel any other things happening around. With very simple language and conversations that are too fun to read this book expresses how tragic a life was back in the war time.
Even with not the most perfect love story, this novel makes you sad with its tragic ending. We can also get a glimpse into the tragedy of war, and the devastation that it caused the people who lived through it.

5. कर्णाली ब्लुज [Karnali Blues]
– Buddhisagar

You can already guess how amazing this writer is since I am mentioning his book second time in this blog. He is simply the magician of words, he plays along with it and makes even the simplest words sound so beautiful. The language in this novel is kind of similar to PhirPhire, but is based on a different periphery. This novel beautifully describes the relationship between a father and a son. This novel has explained every notorious activities that a child can possibly do and also has been able to capture every single detail of a boy and his middle class family as they evolve together. If you’re looking for something simple but excellent piece , then Karnali Blues will be the best choice for you.

” Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be! “

– Anonymous

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  2. Namaste – I don’t see your travel articles on your beautiful country – Nepal! I have been to Nepal many times – and back in the 90’s also led (diplomats) group tours during X-Mas/ New Year. I am an Official (Travel Media) Friend of Nepal :). Hoping to be back soon as tourism revive. I am in touch with Nepal Embassy that is making an effort to begin direct flights between Nepal and Pakistan. And you should visit this beautiful mountain country (Pakistan) and write interesting blogs 🙂

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