Long Distance Love!

Long distancing is tough! Being in a two different places and still longing to be together everyvtime is definitely hard. This is just a simple poem describing how it is to be in LDR! I hope you enjoy!!!

Far across in a land, miles away from here, is a place where my heart resides,
Where sun shines a little longer and moon smiles a little brighter, is a place where my love resides.
Bounded by the responsibilities, away from our other halves,
We find ourselves cuddled up with the blanket of memories, that just feels right.

Patience and loyalty is all it asks, your truest self is all it sees,
Virtual celebrations is all it takes to make you happy, along with that virtual flying kiss.
You miss them in your good days and you crave for them when you’re down,
You feel responsible to make them smile, even it takes you to be the clown.

Every single second you get you don’t let it go to vain,
You can read their faces, you can feel their tears, you just know when they are in pain.
You sacrifice your togetherness, your sleep, and so many other things,
You always wish you were a bird, flying over to them with wings.

Outsiders see the pain, the suffering, and all the misery too,
Is it worth the time we sacrifice they start questioning you,
I barely care to answer them cause there’s one thing I always chant,
I know it’s hard, I know it takes time but his love is all I want!

Note: To all those couples in a long distance relationship, it will all be worth it in the end. Keep sticking by!

“I exist in two places, here and where you are.”

Margaret Atwood

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58 thoughts on “Long Distance Love!

    • True ❤️ I have seen so many couples around who are close physically yet distant from heart. So, I too think it’s better to be in a relationship which makes you feel closer by heart, even though you are physically far away! 😅

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