Ever lost a friend?

Do you know that feeling where you lose someone who once meant so much to you. Losing a friend for no reason is hard, but life goes on. You have that void, but you move on anyway! There’s no hard feelings for each other, just prayers. This is a poem just describing that feeling, that void!

Ever lost a friend who once meant so much to you?
Who was there since you were a little one and who grew up and glowed up together with you,
Who was the spine of your friendship and who held all your mess together,
Who protected you like their own and who cared for you like your own mother.

Ever lost a friend with whom you shared your dreams with and even your darkest secrets,
Who never judged you, even if they couldn’t relate it to,
Who knew exactly the way to put you at ease,
Even when miles apart whose love for you never decreased.

Ever lost a friend Who obsessed over same thing as you did and who hated the same thing too,
Who was always a big part of your family and clearly had a part in your property too.
Who was just like your siblings only that you barely fought,
One day you’ll be left all alone, who would’ve thought!

And now even if you cry, you don’t find them around, 
You don’t get that hug, and see that beautiful smile,
Now long lost friend and broken heart is all you see,
You imagined being together forever but now loneliness is all you feel.

Many years of friendship and many years of love,
They were your family, your partner and everything in one,
Maybe their part of journey in your life was up untill now,
They were there yesterday, but long gone today somehow!

You know you don’t hate them and you won’t forget them,
Even though you won’t let them go fully, you’re so done with this game,
Your future dreams will change now, where they won’t be a part of it anymore,
Have you ever lost a friend who saved your life from drowning and dragged you to the shore?

It’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follows!

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72 thoughts on “Ever lost a friend?

  1. This is a lovely poem! I have a friend who I have been friends for 17 years but I feel that the friendship has run its course, as in it’s best we drift apart now! I know its for the best as we have different priorities in life now but it still hurts, as they were friends for so long!

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  2. Yes, I did. Although sometimes letting go of someone that doesn´t match your future goals it´s the best otherwise it´s difficult to improve and obtain what you want in life. At least that was what happened to me but I believe that is hard because was someone that you cared about but see it from a positive perspective: If they aren´t adding happy moments to your life it´s better to let them go then stick with them.
    I loved your post. Thank you for showing love and positive energy in my comments. It meant a lot!
    Have a good day!

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  3. Wonderful post! In the past, I’ve lost friends because of their betrayal. And although it hurt terribly because I thought a lot of them, they were only revealing their true nature to me and that’s a positive. Today, I could care less about them. Thank you for your post!

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  4. The friends we thought who will always be there but now they aren’t and it sucks, because they too feel the same, but that’s life. All it takes is a call and things will be just the same like it was yesterday, that’s what i used to think too but things change and friends change, but memories won’t. We have to live with the memories 🙂

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