Near to Death Experience!

This is a real life event that happened two years back. I still tremble remembering that day but it sure has taught me so many things that I couldn’t have learnt otherwise. This is my near to death experience; that clearly changed my way of living.

Back in 2018, when students of our college were in a week long tour to pokhara, ghandruk and many other places, we came across an accident that shook us from within.

Our college always conducted different tours for three different batches. We were on our 4th semester when this tour was being conducted. Everyone were so excited since this was our first outing from college itself. With very less expense we were about to enjoy a week long trip to major tourist places in our country. Everything was going according to plan and finally we were on the road.

Everything went okay, we enjoyed our trip, teachers were fun, friends and all others person in that tour were full of life and energy. I don’t remember a single moment when I felt bored or was sad about being in that tour. We actually didn’t realize how quickly seven days passed and we were already on our way back home.

Our last destination was siddha cave, near bandipur and we had a great time there. That cave was full of adventure and was one of the memorable moment of the entire tour. We had our lunch after that and we were on our way back home.

Being apart from family for seven long days was hard. We all missed our family so much that we were so excited to be home. Our college students were traveling in three different buses since there were nearly 90 students in the tour. Since we all were eager to get home soon our buses were speeding a little bit. We weren’t so conscious about the speed back then since all three buses were speeding in the same level and it didn’t feel wrong at all since we were going home after so long.

I was sharing my seat with my friend and was in a window seat because I always enjoyed watching scenarios while traveling. I don’t remember me falling asleep in bus during any kind of travelling. But, that day I don’t know how, maybe it was a long tiring week, I felt asleep along with the all the students in the bus. Later, We were stopped in a hotel where we all ate our snacks and again hopped on the bus to continue our journey.

We were probably a hour away from our home, so all of us were awake after the snack and were enjoying the scenarios. My friend had insisted that she would take the window seat and I without any second thought gave her that seat since there was no much time to reach home.

Our bus was speeding a little more than usual and then we started feeling something unusual in the driving pattern. The driver was taking the turns in so much speed that we all started getting scared of it . We were about to complain to the driver when we felt our bus tilting in the turn and sliding in the road. We were seated right behind the driver’s seat so we were clearly able to see the bus tilting and everything collapsing at once. I felt numb for a moment. I was carrying a cross bodied bag, which went all around my throat and strangled me and the helper of the bus was lying on top of me where I was not able to move either him or the bag from strangling me. It felt like I was dying right there, I started seeing everyone I loved in flashes, I thought I could never see them ever again in my entire life.

I still remember a loud thud and the slipping of bus in the road along with everyone shouting and crying, me asking that man to get off me, it was quite a scene there. Since the front window was completely shattered we were able to come out through it. I anyhow don’t remember me coming out of that bus. One of my friend was seriously injured since his hand was stuck under the bus, and some other friends broke their jaw, bones and many of us had scratches all over the body and faces too. Other two buses full of our friends came running to us and helped us get away from that place.
Some were applying antiseptics in the wounds of others and some were hugging and comforting the scared ones.

I was on the side where the bus is lying. Our bus had slide from the corner of the turning till that part and fortunately stopped sliding. Even today it is a nightmare to remember.

Ambulance was there within a short period of time so every students were taken to hospital and parents were informed about it. While we reached the hospital, it was full of parents and injured students. I still remember me crying hugging my father, and realizing what would’ve happened if bus had slide through the road and fell across the cliff. We later even heard that the driver was under the influence and that caused him to let go of the control of bus. Not so sure of that thing, but it might be the reason of that accident. That driver ran away right at the moment the bus fell, but the expenses were covered and everyone was fine later.

Now, after almost two years, even today when someone speeds their vehicle I start trembling, even my friends face the same problem.

Speeding was never right, Who knew, that speeding might have taken many lives that day. We were fortunate enough to live that day and meet our family once again.

That day after the accident, I realized something very big. We often tend to live our life under pressure, under the hefty workload, always forcing ourselves to be someone who we are not in real. We forget to live the life to the fullest. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, let alone tomorrow, we don’t know what the next second of your life holds for us. I realized that I was living a life where I was not doing the things I loved, I was not actually happy. Then that moment, I decided something and am currently implementing that in my life. From that day on, I have started to live my life to fullest, do what my heart wants me to do, love others, get away from negativity, discard those people who barely care for your presence or absense and many more because who knows when you will be no longer around to live all this again!

Sometimes a little near death experience helps us put things into perspective.

– Anne Shropshire

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118 thoughts on “Near to Death Experience!

  1. Thank god you all survived this…

    And it’s true we often forget that the greatest thing that’s happening to us at the moment is life. We r still breathing and that’s a blessing. Rest are secondary. 🙂

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  2. Gosh that was a very scary experience, and that does often makes us see life differently. So glad you survived it together with your fellow students. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking it too. I will explore your blog also. Interesting.

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  3. This must have been a scary experience! I am glad though what you learnt from this is the importance of living life to the fullest! I think that is what the pandemic has taught me, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so live life to the fullest today!! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more blogs from you!

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    • Indeed it was the scariest, but glad we all were safe and sound. And I completely agree that this pandemic has also taught us the same, we often forget to live our life to the fullest! Maybe we all needed this wakeup call!
      Amdt Thankyou so much for stopping by! It means a lot.


  4. I agree. A near death experience helps us put things into perspective. I know that intensely personally from Mt Democrat in Colorado, USA years back. Your post and story resonates with me, the intensity, the blur the super-clarity. I am glad you are here today sharing your perspective on it. Thank you, Anjali.

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  5. Hmm, “Being able to do what one loves = Happiness” Excellent though! Nonetheless, most of the times people – Not you:) BTW – wonder what they LOVE. They often casually call it passion which I’ve seen them changing every six months; No offence to readers please:) The situation becomes more complicated when one has to limit one’s love and put a cap on one’s doings because people/society won’t agree or approve! Even deeper, sometimes it becomes really tough to justify one’s actions on the grounds of social and ethical values; in that case forget loving and doing things! Anyways, who decides how much one is supposed to love and what is the limit of doing to achieve that absolute. So without being vague here, what I’m saying is “Happiness”, which I believe should come naturally to us, travels a long way of struggle to flourish in this world. This is a tragedy, although those who think have it must treasure it! Cheers!! “Note: Sorry for the diversion”

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    • I understand and feel every word you said. Sometimes we really can’t decide what we really really love since we have thousands of options to pick with. Today I am enjoying blogging, maybe tomorrow I wont. I guess it’s just a fact of time. As time changes , your choices changes too.
      And as per the society and ethical values, almost everytime we are bounded by them and really can’t do what we want to. I think taking both what we love and society together is impossible! I don’t know, what I said. But I wrote what I understood from your comment! Sorry, if I am wrong 🥺

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  6. Thats so scary , I don’t know what I would’ve done . The worst I had was being hit by while in my car while being parked . We had some car trouble and had to sit on the side of the road and wait for a tow truck . But a big white truck, with a distracted driver hit our car and broke out the windows . He was going over the speed limit . Luckily no one was hurt bad , but we did have to go to a chiropractor.

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  7. I really like the way you write! ” We forget to live the life to the fullest. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, let alone tomorrow, we don’t know what the next second of your life holds for us”.-So true

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  8. Actually we lead our life under so much pressure which is not needed …..such incidents make us think the right way to live …..
    We don’t need much to survive but we chase all the time and loose our inner happiness…….
    Jo beet gayi so baat gayi Anjali …..Take Care 😊😊😊

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  10. Wow. This story is a crazy story of I’ve ever heard one 💔. I’m so grateful that you are okay. Life is so precious 💖. Ecclesiastes 3:12,13 says, “I have concluded that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good during their life, also that everyone should eat and drink and find enjoyment for all his hard work. It is the gift of God.” ❤❤

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