Grades and Subject! -Translation

This is my translation version of कुन ग्रेड, कुन विषय ?

In Nepal, every year almost 4 lakhs students give their SEE examination. See examination is a final examination of Grade 10, which promotes the students to their high school also known as colleges in Nepalese background. After SEE, students are given choices among various faculties to choose among according to their future aim. But in this choosing process, families play a major role. Most of the families decide what their child will study further which leads to so much of internal dispute within that students. This post addresses such issue and describes the situation from a student’s point of view!

(12’o clock midnight, Dark room)
Entire family have been smiling for the whole day today after I got ‘A’ grade in SEE. I too am extremely happy as my hard work for all these 13 years in school have paid off really well, But still I am not being able to smile at all. When I returned home after giving my last paper of SEE, -mom and dad clearly said that I will be taking science for further studies and be doctor or engineer in the future. “What’s the hurry, I will decide it later!” I told them and avoided that topic for then. Today after the result I have started to feel that pressure and urgency again. Dad even asked me to be ready tomorrow for visiting a science college. I am totally in dilemma about what to do and what not.

(Turns around) From my childhood I have always loved literature, poetry and all other literary works. I have even published my articles in national dailies. I always said I wanted to be a writer from my childhood, but I think mom and dad always took it as a joke. Whenever in school I was asked about my aim, I would happily say about being a writer but my teacher and friends used to laugh at me hearing that. But all those laugh never made me regret my choice and give up on being a writer.

Mom and dad always say that writers donot have a strong financial support as well as is not a respectable job in our society, It will ruin my future and theirs too is what they always say. I read books by Bhanubhakta, Laxmiprasad, Parijat, Paulo Coelho, Chetan Bhagat and many more from my early childhood. I always see them loved by so many people, even I respect them so much, I clearly don’t understand what my parents are talking about.

Three years ago, my aunt’s daughter was also forcefully admitted in science college, she complained that she cannot understand science still was forced in that faculty. Now, she has failed in 4 subjects in grade 12 and has stopped studying because she’s ashamed to repeat her class again.

Even my mom and dad know that I hate science, I start getting fever when I start reading it, still they are forcing me to read science. Your friend who got B grade will study science and you with A grade will study arts, aren’t you ashamed is what they said. I nearly got slapped because I told them that it would be better to be ashamed now than being fail and having to repeat class again. I didn’t say anything wrong. I don’t like science, I find it hard, so I want to read arts, which I love and I know I will do better in, I just wanted to explain that to them.

Whoever gave the blessings in Dashain to be doctor or engineer when I grow up I just want to meet them once and ask why didn’t you say be teacher, be driver,be whatever you want as long as you’re happy! I really want to ask them!

(2’0 clock in the morning)
It’s already 2 am. Only if I could share all these feelings to my parents, I would be visiting Arts college tomorrow instead of Science college. But instead of wasting my time, energy and also my parent’s money, I think I should make my parents understand what I really want to read and why. I know it is hard, but if they agree I know everything will be worth it in the end. I will wake up tomorrow and tell all this to my parents, who knows they may even agree on my points.
(Sets alarm and sleeps)

Whatever you read above is a fictional story. But, if we look around us we can find this case easily everywhere. We all dream about being something when we grow up. After school we are given a choice among faculties where we need to choose according to our future aim. While selecting, all the above mentioned feelings play in that student’s mind.

We shouldn’t be doctor or engineer is not what I am expressing here. But those students who have zero interest in science, if forced to read that subject just because he got A grade in his finals, will change the entire situation and the student’s condition too. What interests the students are cared less, rather what grade they got and what suits to read with that grade is cared more. The decision made by parents on the basis of the grade their child got and what suits to read with that grade is really destroying so many children’s life around us. Even when they pass their highschool taking science with less marks, after that what they will study further really confuses the student more. But have really anyone thought the mental pressure and the feeling of what that child might have been going through all because of these irrational decisions? I barely see anyone who cares about it.

Even colleges are involved in this disparity. Whenever a student gets A grade in their SEE examination, they call the parents and ask them bring their child to their college, and they also promise to grant full scholarship if admitted in science faculty.

My actual question is, Are students with A grade not allowed to read Arts, Management, Law, or education? Are A grade students born for science only? If so, then how will a country get a good teacher, a good lawyer and a good politician or a good economist. If every student of good grades are forced to read science even when some of them don’t want to, how will a country get a good government officer? How will a country progress if there are only good doctors and engineers and other sectors forever remains backward?

Are students capable of studying science just because they get A grade in their finals, let alone science are they capable to read any subject which they don’t have any interest on just on the basis of their grades? I think everyone must look on this matter seriously once!

Note: While translating I wasn’t able to completely translate the Nepali sentences in English. There might be many mistakes. Will keep on improving. Correction suggestions will be appreciated.

Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, Makes you!

– Albert Einstein

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103 thoughts on “Grades and Subject! -Translation

  1. Valid argument..

    Students with A grade must take courses in legal, accounts. Arts and any other discipline as per their passion.

    When i meet school hods, i ask them this:: Why do you ask ur children to be inspired by medical and engineering professions. Why don’t you inspire them to be good leaders, or great teachers like yourself?

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      • Dignity of labour is one basic principle everyone should adapt to and acknowledge. Every work is important.

        We should give credits to the chair. The chair should not credit us.

        Foremost Examples of people who gave credits to the chair are TN Seshan, Kalam, SD Sharma BC Roy and numerous others..

        Others with same positions enjoyed the powers of the chair and made little or jo contributions themselves.

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      • So true sir, people really must give credits to the chair, not the opposite. People here treat politicians and all other people on higher position with respect just because of where they are, not because of what they have done. We really don’t understand the effort it takes rather run after the position just for the sake of respect. Every job is respectable as long as we do something respectable through it.

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  2. Very topical and an extremely complex matter. There have been many who have, in the past, fallen victim to this and there will probably be many who will have to suffer because of this. The solution is not easy and having lived through this debate myself for the last 25 years, i am still trying to find a suitable solution to this issue. 🙂

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  3. And…

    Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, Makes you!’ ` Albert Einstein

    I hope you make the choices that are good for the rest of your life. Your parents are your primary Mentors/Tormentors. May your transitions to be to YOUR OWN Mentor/Tormentor so YOU are comfortable with the rest of your life… or, if not, lose the ‘ f ‘ , and be comfortable with the rest of your lie. No reason to plan suffering. Or, is there?

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  4. I always encouraged my sons to study what they are interested in and as it was sports, they both studied Science, and did well. They’re now Research Doctors in London and San Diego. Most of the pupils in their school were encouraged by their parents to study to be Lawyers, Accountants etc, and they hated it.

    I believe in letting the children having choice. If they then make a mistake, it’s theirs to amend, with support from parents. Caz 🙂

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    • If parents force us to read or do something and later if we fail in it, we will always have that grudge held against our parents, we will hate them and ourselves too forever for dragging us in that path. If we do what we know we are good in, what we love, we will always be happy and even if we fail we won’t have that feeling of hatred towards our parents. We won’t be holding grudges against them.
      I am so happy to hear that you let your sons decide and do whatever they were interested in. There are very rare parents like you! ❤️

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  5. Wow your this post is tooo good and real, not only talking about streams but if a child wants to be a singer, dancer or be a part of any sports but mostly parents just know two things doctor and engineer . Mostly they dont want to put us into pressure they want our secure future so they want us too choose secure proffession but unknowingly they put us in pressure and we collapse. They should ask their child what he/she want to do and should support them. Nice post by you 👌👌.

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    • Yes, I just wanted to link all of that in a single post. People really think that doctors engineers and other proffesion are stable and they provide us a secure future. But sometimes we prefer our happiness more than a secure future. Who knows, we may earn more and be more stable by choosing a profession that we always wanted. It’s so unsure, Taking that risk for your and your child’s happiness is necessary! 🙏 You don’t want your child to hate you always for the pressure you put on them.

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  6. Really interesting post! In Australia students with high marks are encouraged to go into medicine or law, and these are the hardest degrees to get into in. Engineering is a bit easier to get into than medicine or law, then science, arts, teaching are easier again. And our government is almost entirely law, economics and arts graduates – almost no scientists at all. I whole heartedly agree with you – people need to be able to pursue what they love. But I think they need to do it with open eyes. I’m a physicist, and I wouldn’t encourage my kids to follow in that – too hard to find a secure job! I’d much rather they did useful trades so they could earn a good living, work wherever they want and fix things around the house! 😀

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  7. I am a Science student and I feel all the streams that is Art, Science and Commerce are equally important. Parents should stop thinking that not taking science stream will destroy career. I still remember that our vice principal told me that you should take arts because you didn’t score well. I still feel pity for his brain though. I love science but I am not born to be a doctor or engineer. Everyone has their own journey and no one should pressurize any one.

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    • True! Even the people like your vice principal who was in such a respectable position think so, It just shows how backward our society is how the subjects and jobs are judged! I am so glad you didn’t listened to him and did what your heart wanted ❤️

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  8. A difficult choice in many cultures. Particularly when parents are keen on wanting the best for their children. Now is science “the best”? I don’t know. Personally I think the “best choice” is where children will excel. An engineering job can be boring. So can accounting. Now some people are fantastic in finance. 😉 Writers in any language generalyy starve to death. I understand Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore self-published at the beginning.
    I have an MBA, my wife has an MS in chemistry and is a researcher. Our two girls? We never pushed them into one career or the other. Just made sure they got the best grades so they could chose the best option they wanted. One is now an MD, who’s making a name for herself in her field. The youngest as a BA in Finance, worked as a banker in New York for a while, then did an MA in international development in Washington DC. She is now a consultant on gender issues with top worldwide NGO’s.
    In a nutshell: get the best grades to chose the path you will be good at.
    Last word: your English looks good. There are tiny mistakes you can avoid with the “corrector”. E.g “parents donot”. Should be separated. easy to spot on a second reading. I think there might be an article or do missing. Like “a”, or “the”. I’ve seen it often with Hindi speakers, must be the structure of the language. I don’t know about Nepalese.
    Anyway, good text, good thoughts. Don’t worry, you will do good.
    Namaste and all that.

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  9. yess we too need best banker, economist, manager, artist, lawer and literally we want a best politician and leader for overall development of nation….. so let child choose what they want to study!!!

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  10. When I was going to school I was interested in the science. I believe it’s part of the norm especially having a mother who was a teacher. The problem is doing the science classes in a Caribbean Island we do more theory than practical because of the limitations. Most jobs are business base so science requirement is minimal.
    It is not good to be pressured into an area you don’t like. A grade students should be able to chose business because there are so many different branches that is even tied into technology today.
    Continue to excel in all you do.

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