Father-Daughters Trio!

Today is Kushe Aunsi/Gokarna Aunsi! According to Wikipedia Gokarna Aunsi (Sanskrit: गोकर्ण औसीं), literally translated as cow-eared (Gokarna) and no moon night (Aunsi), is a late August or early September celebration in Nepal where the Hindu population worships the cow-eared incarnation of lord Shiva and their fathers. Today is basically the father’s day of Nepal and This post of mine is for my father, who means everything to me ❤️

I still remember my childhood where I always admired my father and always dreamt of growing up to be just like him. I was always a daddy’s girl. Even though I never chose baba over mamu while I was asked to choose one, still I always adored and loved my father a lot.

I have always said this to him in other father’s day wishes too. I don’t know if I deserve to be your daughter or not, but Every daughter in this world deserves a dad like you! And trust me, I mean it from my heart! He’s the sweetest, a little meanest yet the most genuine person you will ever meet in your life.

I am not praising him just because he’s my dad, I am genuinely portraying what he really is and how amazing of a person he is. He’s that person who gets so happy by seeing little beautiful things around him. He doesn’t need expensive gifts and all to be happy, even if you will draw him a card with love, he will adore it and keep it intact throughout his life. He’s such a precious soul that no matter how much a person dislike him before knowing him, they eventually will love him for his genuineness later.

Let me tell you all a small story, I just started Word press almost a month ago. I had so less followers in the beginning and my posts were viewed so less. But my dad, he was my “Not appointed” advertising head. He shared my articles in every possible platforms. He cheered me up and motivated me since my first article only and posted it everywhere possible. In my beginning days, I was quite upset of not having followers at all and I complained that to him. Later that day I received a notification of a new follower, when I opened that notification I saw it was my dad, And when I asked him why did you make an account, he simply answered you will get one more follower and one more like. I was in tears that moment and just thanked god for making me this man’s daughter.

He re-reads all my articles and finds so many tiny mistakes and screenshots it and later comes to me for the correction, He’s just so adorable! He now has his own website, where he shares all my articles. He just re-blogs them and that makes my heart melt! And he was so happy that he got 3 followers in his account, So thankful to those three people who followed him back!

Now, To my Wonderful dad, who’s just so pure and who is full of love to share with the entire world, I wish you a Happy Father’s day baba! 
You have been my role model, my best friend and my caretaker for all these past 22 years and I really look forward to be the same to you when you grow older. Thankyou for everything ❤️

Even though my dad has barely other contents in his website, you can still follow him and he will definitely follow you back! It will make him much happier! You can visit his site by Clicking Here!

We are so proud to be your daughter!

– Anjali & Yuthika

Thank you for your taking out your time to read my article. This means a lot. Follow @anjaliutters to motivate me more if you haven’t already!!

99 thoughts on “Father-Daughters Trio!

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  2. Beautifully expressed dear it touched my ❤️……Even my dad was so supportive and caring …..I lost him when I was 13 ….He’s with me today also and show me the right path to step forward ….Dad’s are like that only I guess ….A big thanks to your dad for supporting you …..

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  3. Daughters understand father’s better because they are patient and try to understand what the intentions of a father is more clearly and decipher that the father is strict but only for the safety and joy of the daughter. Keep writing and hope now you have lots of followers. 🙂👍🏻🙏🏻

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