India, Through the eyes of a college student! – Part 3

Last year in 2019, we had a beautiful long tour to India for almost 20 days from our college. We were taken to major places of some beautiful cities. Whenever I have nothing else to do, I just look back at those days where we all were far from home, in a different country, living the best days of our life, I always end up smiling and really look forward to take my entire family to visit India once.

The following things you will read is completely based on what a normal college student was able to grasp and see in that tour. This series will have six different parts, explaining all the things I experienced and I saw, because I don’t want to bore you guys by lengthening it all in a single part!
Hope you all like it!

Thank you for loving my last post about Mumbai and Goa. If you haven’t read that you can do that by clicking here. Mumbai –  Goa . Many of you guessed Delhi as our next destination and Yes, you all are absolutely right!

“Delhi- The Capital City”

Ranjana Lipi of Nepal- India’s Heart Delhi!

After bitter sweet moment at Goa, our next destination was Delhi. We all, especially girls were so much excited about Delhi. Shopping was obviously the only reason we all were so excited about Delhi. At that time while we were travelling to Delhi, It was going through some massive air pollution so our parents were quite reluctant about sending us there. But, it was not so bad when we reached there. Still we were covered with masks and scarfs for extra protection.

The first day we reached delhi was the day we were going out on shopping. That day we all decided to go to Sarojini nagar, and it was our first experience with metro too. We had no one to guide us the way, we travelled from Karol bagh station and changed metro in between to reach Sarojini Nagar. Trust me the journey in the metro was awesome. It was such a wonderful first experience in metro!

After 15/20 minutes we reached sarojini, believe me , it was so much crowded and by so much I literally mean Soooo much. Sarojini nagar is said to be the one of the cheapest markets of Delhi where you find anything that you want, to anything that you might never want. We had lots of expectation from sarojini nagar. But were so disappointed when we reached there. The shops were full of people, there were more damaged goods than the better ones, no bargaining at all and many more. Maybe luck was not in our favor that day. Still we bought many kurtis, purses, bags, shoes, watches, belts, bangles, earrings and many more other items.

Next day we went for the sightseeing. We went to India Gate, Indira Gandhi Museum, Qutub Minar, Lotus temple etc. Every places we went were full of people and It was overwhelming to see so many people around us! India gate was such a wonderful place and to see so many names of Marty’s written on the wall there was such a sad moment. Indira Gandhi Museum was an excellent place to observe and think about own self and think what actually we want from life. I always enjoy being in museums over other noisy places so I enjoyed my time there. I was the last one to climb the bus while exiting the museum.

Qutub minar was a beauty itself. I still remember dragging my hands across all the red walls of Qutub minar. The place was super beautiful with tall tower and also so many beautiful demolished treasures. There were so many squirrels too. I even fed one, we shared a beautiful moment there. And lastly was lotus temple but since we were extremely late for Akshardham we couldn’t go inside of lotus temple. The outer architecture of Lotus Temple was extremely beautiful, I bet inside was even more beautiful.


Lastly we went to Akshardham, truly one of the most beautiful manmade place I have ever been to. It was so magnificent and so gorgeous that I felt at peace. Since no mobile phones were allowed inside we were able to take in every little details of that place.
After the visit to the temple, we saw the water show that’s done on the premises of Akshardham only. It was beautiful, Like extremely beautiful. I recommend that place to everyone visiting Delhi, You won’t regret it at all.

Next day we were supposed to go to our next destination in evening train. So we had half a day to do our remaining shopping and all. Since we were kept in a hotel in Karol bagh area, we were able to shop the remaining day there. We bought more kurtis, bangles, earrings, sarees and many more.

After all the shopping spree and three hefty bags full of goods, we all bid our final farewell to Delhi.

Overall, in my experience in Delhi, I felt it was a beautiful place to be in and enjoy, but the pollution and the traffic you get around there is unimaginable. Not to offend any readers, I got many suggestions from people to not roam on the streets of Delhi alone at night. But I personally didn’t find it so unsafe to travel there in night time. I don’t know, maybe it was about the place we were kept in, but it didn’t pass bad vibes around night time there. Apart from all the suggestions we got, if you have a huge group and travel together then I suggest you to go out on the streets in the night time to explore the market more because the goods are so much cheaper and also the market looks absolutely beautiful with all the goods laid out on the road itself.

Do visit Delhi if you’re a huge Shopaholic, Or love exploring around beautiful monuments and temples! You will love Delhi, keeping aside the noise and traffic there. 😉

Thankyou for reading my journey to Delhi. It was quite a tiring experience. Now after Delhi, where do you think we went next? Hint is – The Golden City 😉 Leave your answer in the comment below!

Yeh Sheher nahi Mehfil hai!


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  3. Good to hear that you enjoyed your Delhi trip. It is a historical city and has many heritage monuments that are worth exploring. Being the capital it is also quite organized. There are some unique things that Delhi offers to foodies and it is worth exploring if you have the time and interest.

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  5. I assume you had a wonderful time in Delhi. There is a lot more to explore in the city,. Every time I realize that I have covered most of the city, something else pops up and my list remains pending.
    Just like your visit to Delhi, I almost had an experience when I visited Kathmandu for a week.

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