Good/Evil traditions – Translation

This is my translation version of रीति कि कुरीति?

For 21 years of my life, I have lived in one of the most beautiful South Asian Country, Nepal. Even though this country is beautiful naturally and has so many beautiful cultures and places, People and society of Nepal are being exploited by so many ill tradition for a long time now. I often see so many of this ill traditions around, but most of the time stay quite because fighting with people who don’t try to understand what you’re explaining is not worth it. I have mentioned all the feelings and all of my questions down here. You all might be able to relate to some. Do read and give me your honest reviews!

I read somewhere a long time time ago, that there’s not even a single event about discrimination and caste system mentioned in the Vedas of Hindu Religion. Slowly caste and hierarchy started forming on the basis of the work people did, and then the rich people and the clever ones started forming hierarchy and that started discrimination among the caste and religions.

Due to lack of enough knowledge I actually cannot surely say whether the discrimination started from the time of Manusmriti or from the time when Jayasthiti Malla, A Nepali King, classified the caste on the basis of work. But, the classification that was done on the past for the easy working environment and equal working opportunities has been changed dramatically and transformed into something very different. So, Is it still necessary to hold on to those ill traditions that has changed completely and is used to dominate others now? Is it still necessary to stick onto those tradition that drags us away from humanity?

Firstly, let us talk about the biggest problem that exists in our society till the date. This is simply the Caste/ Religion Discrimination. For a long time now, people in our society are engaging in Intercaste/religion marriage. But, after the marriage, a family is torn into so many pieces that cannot be brought together at all. Even the parents themselves end their relationship with their children just because they got married to someone outside their caste and their religion.

From our early childhood, we were taught about humanity, we were taught that all religion, caste, race are same and equal and we all share the same red blood in our veins. But, even those teachers who taught us about it, will flee away when it comes to accept this fact in their family. I have seen so many teachers no more in contact with their child just because of Intercaste Marriages. People tend to get mad when they hear about other’s good deeds, but when they find about their Intercaste Marriage and relationship in a society, it is dragged forever and it spreads quicker than the wildfire. Even those families who accept these kind of relation are not accepted in the society, people tend to not even drink a drop of water from those families. And mostly Honor Killing is so common in our society just because of this discrimination. People even today tend to kill their own children and their partner just because they feel being defamed due to those marriages. The society that has taught us that fame and Respect is much more important than our own child has already taken away our happiness from life, still no one is aware about it.

Even when the child is friend with someone from so called lower caste some of the families tend to disrespect that person and treat them differently than the rest.

I barely have anything to say to those people who are pretending to save our culture by killing the humanity around them. The only thing I want them to know is this habit of ours is dragging our society to the path of destruction and I won’t be surprised if this will lead to some major accidents in future. Maybe we need to stop this and contribute to control this issue before it slips out of our hand.

Now, let us talk about another major issue of our country. We live in such a society where the success of other people hurts us more than our failure. Where failure of other people makes us happy more than our own success. Where we keep on talking about others, talk behind their back and later conclude our speech with ” We don’t care about others, We don’t care about whatever they do”. Where we are more interested in what’s happening in others life more than what’s happening in our own and we feel proud and happy to share about others whereabouts and gossip about them. This habit of spreading rumors about others have destroyed so many houses in the Nepalese society, internal war is going on within the families and we can see a single family torn into pieces just because if this.” I dont like talking about others and I wont talk about them” people end their story about someone from birth till now with the sentence above. I don’t know when the people of our society will learn to not care about others personal things and live the life of their own.

We have those sorts of people in our society who will happily abandon their daughter to be with their son. People blindly choose son over daughters even till the date. There are people who always make women feel weak and vulnerable just by saying that men dont cry because crying is for women.

If we start digging up, so many of these ill traditions can be found in our society that has been exploiting so many generations now. We need to think twice before doing anything , wearing anything. We must think about what society will say before wearing the clothes of our choice. I don’t know under all these restrictions to new changes how will the people be innovative, how will new changes and innovation begin? How will we find the ray of hope amongst this darkness! People easily believe some random things rather than scientifically proven ideologies. In our society a Human is brought up to be a human later, before they must fill in the criteria of Race, caste, ethnicity, and then if some place exists then humanity is given a little. What exactly can we expect from a society like this?

If we look back at time, from the period when all these traditions started and the journey till now, all the traditions that were created with pure heart and good thinking has been changed into ill traditions for a long time now. People have that tendency to change the traditions and their values according to their accessibility. None of the tradition are created with bad intentions, even if we turn the pages of history and look back, every one of them have their own logical explanation but now, people have changed and damaged it’s essence completely. People have started being more and more proud and selfish and that has given them the complete freedom to change the traditions the way they want.

Where Today’s youth are trying to change the illness behind these traditions, they are ready to fight against those people who are affecting the traditions negatively, there they are given the threat of society, and are tied up with the question “What will the society say?”, Even families don’t support our act of changing these ill traditions. Is society really looking forward to some mass movements against these changes to bring everything back to normal now, Is really another movement required to break the walls of ill traditions and bring our original values back in those traditions?

Note: While translating I wasn’t able to completely translate the Nepali sentences in English. There might be many mistakes. Will keep on improving. Correction suggestions will be appreciated.

It’s easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone!

– Mahatma Gandhi

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69 thoughts on “Good/Evil traditions – Translation

  1. Its sad to see people still steeped jn ignorance.

    May Lord Shiva, the dwelling god of Nepal, Lord Pasupathinath, open his eyes.

    Nepal needs powerful social reformers who can sacrifice their life to uplift its people.

    Please read about social reformers in India, such as Raja rammohan roy, veerasalingam, narayana guru, and other spiritual leaders like swami vivekananda who have cleansed this country.

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  2. Such a honest post. Really I wonder how things would change. I guess boundaries of nations were made so that a part of somewhere could take responsibility of its own, develop it self… But division has just created more diversity, worse than imagination, castes, nationality, all over mentality would rarely change anyhow untill there are rulers, we want for developer of country but we are tend to think about nationalism more than anything, no common people anywhere in world would want any fight but it’s just stuck within our minds that we rarely notice

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    • True! Everything that was created with some logical thoughts are now so stupid and they don’t make any sense at all! Only if we could make people understand that this all means nothing and everyone is a human with humanity as their religion. ❤️


  3. Well written Anjali. Our ancestors made the system for a purpose and was relevant at that age and time. Unfortunately, a few exploited it for gains of a particular strata of community. With the advent of science and spread of education, things should improve.

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  4. The reform comes with us and so is change… articles like these are eye opener because we may be blessed to belong to open minded family but we can’t ignore what’s going in our society. I remember in childhood I saw my grandmother even though she was really good with everyone she had different cutlery for different caste and community people. Coming to my parents we just had different set for guest and different for us and coming to us now I hardly even see which cutlery to use when.
    Hope things will be fine in coming days…a good education and an open mind will do the magic

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  5. I believe that, in early times, our traditions gave stability and certainty to all members within a community. Times change and, sadly, our communities and societies have not been able to keep up with the changes. Going against accepted norms requires courage and confidence in what we believe and accept for our lives in an ever-changing world. As noted in the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, we have to be ready to stand alone.

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  7. Anjali, Your translation is very well done and very much appreciated. I have had some frustrating experiences with translation recently, so much so that the post was unintelligible. I am sure it will get better as time goes on.

    Your article is very thought-provoking. In general, I have a visceral reaction to inequality. I hope things improve. ❤ All the best! Cheryl

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  8. Criticizing, envying and gossiping about other people seem to be universal human traits … all to make us feel superior to others. It is a strange habit. We might change behaviour, if we all saw a video with ourselves in it through one day (without knowing it).

    I actually never understood why women should be worth less than men, just because they may have a different way of thinking and maybe a different view on things, and maybe not so much physical strength. Every human being is born by a woman, so what would mankind do without them? Man and woman complement each other in many ways, different does not mean of lesser value.

    The world could be such a nice place, if we didn’t always feel the urge to stomp on somebody!

    We are living in times of uprooting and unveiling (Aquarius). Clinging to old traditions that may have had their justification at a point, but thence got turned into something harmful, will prove to be of no use and will cause a lot of suffering, as you are for example describing above. Now is the time of openness, love and acceptance of each other. But people are so driven by fear, they are so afraid that they will lose themselves by accepting others who are different.

    I am glad you dare to write such a post, and hope that it will open some eyes …

    And thank you very much for the translation, I had difficulties with Google, which does not translate everything.

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    • Thankyou so much fir appreciating and writing so much about these issues! I truly believe and understand what you said here! Only if everyone would understand and work the way some good people think! World would have been a much better place 🥺

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