Lifestyle that Corona Changed – Translation!

Hello Everyone, The following article you will read is a translation version of कोरोना ले फेरिएको दैनिकी. This article was published by Ujyalo Online, One of the online portals of Nepal, on Saturday, September 5. You can find the post by Clicking here. I hope you will enjoy my work. Thankyou!

Beginning of January 2020 brought along the news of corona virus with it. We heard from many social media platforms that this virus started from China and is slowly spreading throughout the world. And we also heard that there’s no vaccine till the date for this Virus. By the middle of February we heard that one Covid-19 case was found in Nepal. Some people seemed to be stressing out whereas many people just took this as a joke. They all were confident in not getting this virus and defeating it like every other viruses. But when another Covid-19 case was found in Nepal in March, The government of Nepal decided to start lock down for not letting it spread and also to avoid the entry of people from India, where the cases were skyrocketing! After lock down, many people started to worry about this virus whereas there was still a group who didn’t care and was roaming here and there neglecting the lock down. That day and Today, Nothing has changed much, except the cases which has increased a lot in the past 6 months.

Due to this long lock down, the jobless poor families are forced to lock down their hunger too. Many people like “Suryabahadur” ( The one who lost his life in the streets due to hunger) are forced to lose their life in the streets itself whereas many are choosing suicide as the best alternative of this hunger.

When government implemented lock down, mostly the people who worked day and night just to earn that bread started to face major problems. Every sector of the country started facing economic as well as mental pressure. Education sector is also hampered a lot due to this lock down. But like others who are worried about the future days and how to continue their business in future, there Students aren’t as much worried as others. Mostly juniors students of School are so much happy due to this lock down and if we see around we can see them wishing to get more Corona holidays like this every year. Our government Canceled Grade 10 SEE examination due to uncertainty of Corona virus. Grade 11 board examination was also cancelled but still today, Students of Grade 12 to Masters are still in Dilemma as in when will the boards exam be conducted and how will it be held!

I too am that student who spent the first 2 months of lock down by doing absolutely nothing. Neither was there any online classes conducted by college, nor the examination that was postponed at the exact moment when lock down happened was to be held anytime soon. I read so hard for all these years so I deserve this rest is what I thought and Enjoyed my holidays by either using phone or by watching shows on TV. From commenting stupid comments on friends post to counting the teeth of the comb, to counting the number of maize on the cob, I spent my lock down doing stupid things like these. I used mobile until the battery was dead and watched TV after that and when I got bored from watching TV, I again switched back to using my mobile. After switching and wasting my time doing absolutely nothing, I started to worry a little day by day!

I am Bachelor’s Last semester student. If there was no Corona virus around, My bachelors level would’ve completed by now. I started worrying whether my entire year will be on loss due to Covid-19. Even my college was not taking any online classes till then. I was so Frustrated with TU (Tribhuwan University) and my college and was so angry that where I should’ve already graduated from my Bachelor’s level, I still had two more boards examination to give. 

Later college started taking online classes. That was not helpful either. We were being taught the courses of 8th semester in those online classes. We had already forgotten all those things we learned in 7th semester and now learning about 8th semester was confusing us so much as we already had 7th semester boards left. It was frustrating!

“Sir, we cannot hear you at all! We don’t have electricity in our house. Sir I am in the field, My house has no proper network in it.”  We all complained about all the above mentioned things to our teachers in our 2 months Zoom online classes. Again we were stopped midway because TU decided to train the professors for taking effective online classes. We were now left with droplets of knowledge of both the semester, belonging absolutely nowhere!

During this lock down, many kind of online meetings were done, many events were held and many training sessions were conducted. Since there was absolutely nothing else that I would do, I even participated in some of those session which helped me in some areas that I liked.

While participating in these kinds of events, I always felt that there’s something more that I can do. From my childhood only I always wrote articles of my capabilities and always tried to share my views and opinions with the people around me. I always took writing as a way of expressing a feeling hidden inside rather than just a creative talent. I always dreamed about starting my own blog. I was always distracted by the college and all other works around me. Seems like my blogging journey was also waiting for this lock down only! During this lock down I finally decided to start my blog and again express my feeling with my readers.

Even though I wrote and expressed my feelings through my Writing from my childhood only, I always feared whether people will like my work or not. I always had that fear stopping me from writing and expressing myself. Even today when I post something I always fear about the response I get in my blogs. 

With lots of fear and my excitement to share my words with the world I started posting in my blog from July! When I created my blog in WordPress I had another level of excitement to do something new inside me. When I posted my first article in my blog, I had no expectation that people would ever read my work. But, slowly not only Nepalese people but also people from all over the world started going through my work. Since they didn’t understand Nepali, they even requested me to translate and post my Nepali articles in English. Accepting their request I started posting my Nepali Articles in English too. Where I was scared of not getting love from people, I was loved so much more by Foreigners that the Nepalese people.

Today, it’s rarely been two months since I started my Blogging journey, But I already have around 900 followers in my blog, where most of them are the people from all around the world. Every week I post a Nepali article, I even upload it’s translation version. I even write English articles and post it there. My one article was even recited by One of the RJ in her radio show. To listen it Click Here. During this lock down the biggest lesson I learnt is that we must always believe in ourselves despite whatever the result will be. Where I was wasting my time on Mobile and TV shows in the beginning of this lock down, Now I am getting to write articles and collect love and suggestions from so many people, which is helping me in sharpening my writing skills.

Now almost after 3 months our online classes has resumed. I have tons of time to write Articles by attending my online classes too. Tomorrow when the lock down will end and our busy life will start again, even then I have decided to make time and write articles for my blog.

Even though I was taught to believe in myself and to express my feelings with others during this Lock down, I really want this Corona and Its cases to disappear soon now. Even though we have learned so many ways to be creative, we have learned many skills in this time, this Corona has already taken lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It has spread chaos all around the world. Those who ate everyday by working day and night are on the edge of Starvation now. Government is just as silent as it was yesterday, Rich and powerful people are finding ways to generate money even in this stressful situation and poor people are under the mental of pressure of how to sustain in this situation. If the solution is not found anytime soon, then more people will die due to starvation, mental problems and increasing crimes. Hope, Covid-19 ends soon!

I really would like to thank everyone of you for making all this possible. I am so thankful to everyone of you and also so thankful to all my 800 Followers. You all are my family and I cannot thank you all enough for all that you have done for me! Much Love! ⭐

Note: While translating I wasn’t able to completely translate the Nepali sentences in English. There might be many mistakes. Will keep on improving. Correction suggestions will be appreciated.

Trust Your Journey and Give Yourself enough time to explore and learn!


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58 thoughts on “Lifestyle that Corona Changed – Translation!

  1. Nice article Anjali. Things should gradually come back to normal. Yes, it has taken much longer than we initially anticipated. But that’s life. So unpredictable. Wish you all the best. Take care.

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  2. I appreciate you translating your writing. It is inspiring to read about your experiences in another part of the world. We are not all that different as people. We are experiencing similar problems in America. Students are very frustrated to say the least, particularly when education is so expensive. Our politicians are creating more chaos rather than caring for those in need.

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  3. This Covid pandemic has certainly wrecked havoc to all other than the rich and powerful who prosper from it. I’m glad you were able to survive it all and continue to move forward toward your dreams.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

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  4. This article is relatable, because I’m also a last-year Bachelors student and the pandemic gave me lots of free time between online classes. Blogging during the pandemic has been a gift of sorts, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to see the silver lining in this dark cloud we call coronavirus 🙂

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