Humanity is Dead!

Every now and then we come across so many ugly news that never fails to shake us from within. Crimes that has proven that there’s no humanity left in world, are increasing day by day! Every now and then we can hear so many incidents that just makes all of us tremble with fear! Here, My only question to everyone is “Are we still considered Human after so much of Inhuman activities being done everyday and can we still find Humanity anywhere?

I looked under the bed
Where all the demons hid,
I searched throughout my boxes
Opened every lid,
I even looked at Sky
I searched every single place,
Humanity and Happiness
is lost without a trace.

I searched amongst the crowd
From pitches to the grounds,
I peeked within the relations
But it was never found.
Before everything was beautiful
It was full of grace,
Humanity and Happiness
is lost without a trace.

Hidden behind the dark secrets
Piled under the sheets,
Murder, loots and bullying
is done within heartbeats,
Everything is sold today
From government to Press,
Humanity and Happiness
is lost without a trace.

This has made me fear
From my near-dear ones,
For the power for the money
People take such chance,
To save this World from destruction
Let's end this ugly race,
Humanity and Happiness
is lost without a trace.

Some Heart wrenching Crimes:

27 July, 2018. A 13 year old Girl named Nirmala Panta was brutally raped and murdered. Still we haven’t found the criminal behind this heinous crime. Still there’s no answer to the family, who is seeking justice for their dead daughter for the past 2 years! #justicefornirmalapanta
This 15 year old girl named Muskan Khatun is a victim of Acid Attack. After Muskan so many other girls were also attacked with acid just because they didn’t reciprocate the criminal’s feeling!
This was the case that shook every Nepalese household from within. A widowed daughter in law was murdered just because her husband died shortly after getting married. And the victim was accused to kill her own husband (who died in a road accident) with her bad omens.
This is one of the recent case of Nepal, where people turned absolutely maniac in a festival during this pandemic and a traffic police was badly beaten by the crowd just because he was passing through that road to manage the vehicles. You can read about it in detail in this post.
This was one of the most Heinous crime I have ever heard about. A child, who was barely 4 months old, was raped by her own cousin in India! She later died due to internal injuries, blood loss and trauma!
This was the case of some months back, where some young guys were brutally beaten and murdered for loving a girl of High caste. This had the entire country in shock and we all were disgusted with our system!
I was going through some news for this post in google and randomly typed old woman rape case and came across this news that actually happened on September 9, 2020 in India! So ashamed to be called as a human too. Such pathetic and heinous act with such an old lady :/

Even if I try, I just cannot write down and mention every single activities like these that has been happening all around the world in my posts. I just fear that tomorrow there may come a time where we won’t be able to find Humanity and Happiness at all, They will be lost without a trace soon if all these inhuman and heinous crimes keep increasing day by day!

Pictures From Google!

Once upon a time, there was Humanity!

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113 thoughts on “Humanity is Dead!

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    • I actually wanted to tell that through that line! Who knows, if this ugly cruelty continues then maybe someday in future we may even face a situation like that where we all will be saying stories about humanity!
      Thankyou so much for Appreciating ❤️

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  2. These news….💔
    Have you seen that interview of Muskan baini on ‘It’s My Show’? My god, such a young child and still so strong. God bless her. My heart broke down into pieces when she told that the criminals who did such heinous crime were walking freely after decreasing their ages so that they couldn’t get punished and giving some money to get them out on bail…
    The victims who know the criminals are still not getting justice, so how will people like Nirmala baini who are no more with us will get justice in this country?
    You have expressed it so beautifully in a poem..👏❤

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  3. All crimes will flourish. Yes they will.

    As long as good people keep their voices blocked and their hands tied.

    Take the sword. Just go on a killing spree of the criminals so that the earth’s burden is reduced.

    The country is full of weeds. Time to weed them out…

    Dharma is the armour of the wicked. If so, Dharma also can win only with the armour of adharma.

    With a futuristic focus, the population should reduce and ethical values must be taught compulsorily to all would be parents and children.

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  4. It is very sad, but the news makes them seem more numerous these days. They have always happened we just didn’t hear about it before. In the 80′ and 90’s during the AIDS epidemic, African men raped babies because they thought it would heal them. Thousands of babies died or were traumatized and given AIDS because someone started a superstitious rumor. It’s horrible, and the only reason it stopped was because some of them men really knew deeply what they did was wrong and came out to make it stop. They realized they had been told a lie when it was already too late to prevent the hurt they caused the child. There is humanity left in us and we must try to bring the light. We have to tell the stories of wrong to be able to reach for solutions, but the focus needs to be on the solutions, not the wrongs. The best way for women to be respected and rape against anyone to end is to focus on educating children before it’s too late. The younger generations are our best hope to change behaviors and patterns. The old will never give up their ways, I’ve seen it with my own parents.

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    • Yes, I always say that to any kind of ill traditions. Children are the hope of new and better future to the existing negative one. We really cannot change what’s on people’s mind once it is set, we need to develop good thinkings and positivity in one’s mind since their childhood only. And about having positive people amidst the negative ones, People nowadays prefer to stay quiet and avoid the situations rather speak up against the wrong. That’s sad 😦

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  5. We must not despair but talk to everyone we know to try to spread consideration of others to everyone we know. Just like throwing a pebble in the water, our words can spread out in rings and reach more people than you expect. Good luck. Thank you for this. Cheers….

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  6. You are right. News of this nature can really shake your confidence in the human condition. Not sure if we (as a human race) will ever reach our potential, but all I can do is hope. Well written piece. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Excellent poem. Humanity seems to cycle between the direction of the positive and in the direction of the negative. People seem to be moving toward the negative like the attraction to a magnet during these negative times. It amazes me how so many people voluntarily move toward the negative embracing racism and hate.

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    • It amazes me too, Where we are expected to be patient, work together and survive this pandemic together, people are so much driven towards negativity. Crime rates like these has increased a lot and a lot in these hard times 😞


  8. And yet there are still some people who says that a woman should dress decently, should not go out late at night etc etc. But a baby doesn’t know how she should dress up yet she still becomes a victim.Mob lynching cases are also increasing. Crime is crime. Men experience this as well. But we definitely need to raise our voice as well as need strict law.

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  9. It breaks the heart hearing about such heinious crime wherein people have crossed the limits of shamelessness.This is a non bailable offense in India but most of the times criminal gets bail due lack of evidence so a strict law & order should be imposed with strict punishments because it is almost impossible to change the perception and mentality of everyone in society that is degrading itself day by day towards humanity. Only fear of death can stop these shameless crimes.

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    • There is no provision of Death in our judicial system. This has somehow motivated criminals to commit crime and spend some money in order to be bailed out. As stupid and as sad it sounds. It’s the bitter truth of the society that people barely care about!

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  10. While it is hard to look at the inhumanity that occurs, I know it’s important to not bury our heads in the sand and ignore. You offer us a profound article here. And it must have been so difficult to write! I choose to look on the positive things in life, but I know there is a dark side, and because of that, I strive to help others. Maybe by offering what I write, listening and reading what others write, but mostly by offering prayers and compassion.
    Keep up your good work dear heart. ❤️🦋🌀🙏

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    • People always tend to hide their faces and always divert themselves from negativity, but that is the main reason why all these crimes are happening, because the ones who are supposed to care are busy ignoring the facts and reality!

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      • I understand. And while I know I have been one of those people too (in an attempt to keep my vibration high), I am being drawn to the Shamanic path that includes observing the dark, as well as the light.
        I don’t know, of course, where that will lead, but as long as it enables me to expand my ability to help others and offer the most compassion I can muster, I feel that it will be a good pursuit. ❤️🦋🌀🙏

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  11. Some humans have literally left no stone unturned for their animalistic acts. To read such crimes of barbarism, it’s truly heartbreaking and I just pray to GOD to let the criminals rot in the deepest pit of hell!!
    You expressed your thoughts so wonderfully in your poem💜👍
    Loved it

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  12. Terrible crimes happening, and to think that the ones we neither see nor hear about are worse than the ones we get to see or hear about. Now people don’t get goose pimples anymore when they hear about these despicable crimes, they only shrug it off because it’s now part of everyday life to have such crime happen. It all boils down to injustice. I believe that if every crime could receive punishment it deserved. There will be less crime.

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  13. Recently a mother was raped in front of her children. She was driving home and something happened and her car stopped working. I get shivers thinking about this. May all the daughters, mothers, and everyone be safe!

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  14. So beautifully written

    Oh god I had no idea about these cases. And the sad reality is that even after being in the 21 st century our mindset has not progressed. Rapes, honour killings, acid attacks are yet not
    dealt with properly….
    And dealing properly with them in this situation is actually by politicizing it.

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