India, Through the eyes of a college student! – Part 5

Last year in 2019, we had a beautiful long tour to India for almost 20 days from our college. We were taken to major places of some beautiful cities. Whenever I have nothing else to do, I just look back at those days where we all were far from home, in a different country, living the best days of our life, I always end up smiling and really look forward to take my entire family to visit India once.

The following things you will read is completely based on what a normal college student was able to grasp and see in that tour. This series will have six different parts, explaining all the things I experienced and I saw, because I don’t want to bore you guys by lengthening it all in a single part! Hope you all like it!

Thankyou for loving my last post about Jaisalmer. If you haven’t read all four parts before then you can do it by clicking here: Mumbai –  GoaDelhiJaisalmer . Many of you guessed Jaipur as our next destination and Yes, you all are absolutely right!

“Jaipur-The Pink City”

Newari Lipi of Nepal- Pinkcity Jaipur ❤️

After having absolutely Mesmerizing time in Jaisalmer, we went for Jaipur Next. After seeing so much of beauty around Jaisalmer, I had no big expectations from Jaipur. But, I was wrong again. Jaipur was much more beautiful. It was beautiful in a different way than Jaisalmer.

We only had 24 hours to roam around there. But trust me, I had the best 24 hours in Jaipur. If you ask me to relive any particular place from that entire tour again, I would without a second thought choose Jaipur because of its extreme beauty.

In Jaipur we went to Birla temple first. Seeing so much of intricate designs made on marble was such a different feeling. Whoever made that must be awarded with everything, because that was so beautiful. After birla temple we went to a museum, where we even saw a mummy! The vibes and the lighting and sounds that were being played around that mummy sectionnwas so crerpy. It fekt as if the mummy would rise from her sleep and stare at us! That would’ve been terrifying! Okay, after seeing a mummy and clicking some random pictures here and there, we went to Jantar Mantar next. The antique huge instruments over there was fascinating to watch. I even fed a squirrel there! And after that we went through the original pink city where we also saw the Hawa Mahal, It was hugee and beautiful! ❤️

After all that we went to a place, which still has a part of it in my heart. It was none other than Amber Fort. I still remember how happy I was from within when I was visiting there. It is a beautiful piece of art to be honest! Sheesh Mahal and all other parts of it holds an unique place in my heart. I remember watching so many parts of the fort in the movie Joddha Akbar, which made it even more special to me to go and visit in person. There were dungeons which we were told connected two different cities (That’s awesome). We were going through every possible nooks and corners of that fort and at one point we were so scared to go any further of one dark hallway, so we ran back to the ground like as if we saw a ghost! People were actually laughing at us. Me along with some of my friends were the last one to reach the bus as we really went through every possible way and were almost lost every time.

Jaipur, Even my kurti matched the entire Jaipur’s theme! ✨

Next day with sad heart, I hopped on the train again, bidding Jaipur the last goodbye and headed towards our last destination for the tour!

Overall, Jaipur was as I explained earlier, the most favorite place of mine among all the places we visited in that tour. If you’re ever planning to visit India, Do include Jaipur in your list. It’s 1000% worth it. ❤️

Thank you for reading about my journey to Jaipur. Now after Jaipur, where do you think we went last? Hint is – City of Love 😉 Leave your answer in the comment below!

“Jaipur is a blushing bride draped in pink, dancing in our dreams while the peacocks sing.”

– Vinita Kinra

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58 thoughts on “India, Through the eyes of a college student! – Part 5

  1. Loved this travelogue 💗💗💗
    I also loved the magnificent amber fort , it was my favourite place in jaipur
    And you were looking really cute in that kurti💗💗😄

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  2. I liked your blog it seems like you travel a lot, that must be exhausting. Thank you for following mine my I hope is it will make you smile and though it won’t compensate for what horrible and frightening things are going on in the world it might make you forget about them for a minute or two which is what I try to write one everyday so that at the end of the year you’ll have smiled or laughed for around 4 hours or so, I’d like to see Pixar do that!

    Do keep up the good work.


    The Cat

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  3. You are more than welcome. I believe that simplicity counts for a lot these days and is a better way to deal with these modern times. Gosh that sounds far too clever for me, a simple Cat.

    I have to say that you are very fast, I can’t imagine liking so many blogs in such record time thank you, you humble me with your kindness, you must be an extremely nice person and it is a pleasure to ‘meet’ you.


    The Cat

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