Dreams within a Dream

From my early childhood I have always been a huge dreamer! I dreamt about conquering the world with my knowledge and also doing something remarkable for the world. This is my post explaining all my little dreams within a big dream, That is yet to be fulfilled.

A for Apple and B for Ball, I still remember myself in my childhood shouting holding a stick in my hand pretending to be a teacher teaching my friends. Actually at that particular moment I started dreaming, Dreaming something that led me to dream so many other beautiful dreams in life.

I always love calling myself a dreamer, I love dreaming. Dreaming about anything gives me hope, a hope that maybe one-day life will be different, life will be just as I want it to be.

The first ever dream of my life was to be a teacher. I always pretended to be a teacher and even conducted fake classes in my home with my juniors. They were actually so tired of me for my behavior, but I always kept dreaming and today I still am sticking to that dream, That maybe one day I will actually be a teacher, not just an ordinary teacher but someone who will actually stand out and do something new.

I have so many dreams, dreams that make me feel happy, confident and also dreams that give me hope. My little sister and I both have always been a big dog lovers. We always dreamed of opening a house for street dogs and all other street animals, to provide them the house they all deserve but never got in real. I want to open an orphanage and an old age center for all those beautiful souls who were abandoned from their loved ones or were unfortunately been the victim of fate in their young or old age.

I want to work for a school located in the most rural area of my country and help them get all the basic knowledge they deserve but do not get due to carelessness of system.

I want to travel the world, gain all the knowledge and experiences possible and utilize it in my country to do something, something better, something innovative that may lead to better lifestyle of people.

I want to contribute my best in helping government in abolishing all the taboos against women and also help them in eradicating the caste system from our nation.

I want to let my parents live their remaining life with no worries and full of fun. I want to give them back their life and the fun they missed while they were busy sacrificing their life living for us. I want them to live the best of lives without having them to ask for anything they need.

I don’t dream to be rich, I don’t dream to be famous. I just want to be happy all my life with people I actually care about around me and fulfilling all my tiny little dreams with a happy satisfied heart. I don’t dream to grow old with an unsatisfied heart with full of sadness. I want to live my life the way I want, Doing things the way I want it to be done, Achieving things that I actually think I deserve to achieve and giving back to people and animals all the love and support they deserve.

I have a dream, Actually a big dream to fulfill all my tiny little dreams that I keep dreaming everyday of life! Let’s see, Where the life actually takes me to!

Thankyou so much for reading my post! I have been very inactive lately and I have my own personal reasons for it. Thankyou so much for being patient!

Don’t let your Fear, Destroy your Dream!

Thank you for your taking out your time to read my article. This means a lot. Follow @anjaliutters to motivate me more if you haven’t already!!

109 thoughts on “Dreams within a Dream

  1. Delightful post, Anjali! Do not let idealism die…fulfill your dreams! ❤ I wish you a long and happy life, enjoying the satisfactions of having done something for others…Your parents, children in village schools, and street dogs all sound like worthy causes to me. Stay safe and be happy! Cheryl

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  2. I so enjoyed reading this. Reading about you teaching your juniors at home reminded me of when I was little, although I did not want to be a teacher, I did have a time of emulating someone with authority and hence had a teaching session with the pots and plants in the back of our home. Did not have any younger ones as I was the youngest.
    May your wonderful dreams come to fruition. All worthy causes indeed.
    Manu 💙

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    • Aww! I don’t know maybe those small moments in our childhood help us see who we really want to be and where we really want to be in future.
      Glad to know you had similar experience as mine! Thankyou so much for appreciating Manu ❤️

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  3. Loved this one as always 💗💗💗 theese are wonderful set of dreams and may God help you to fulfill all of them !!!! Basically this is what I want , I don’t want an unsatisfied heart , right now it is but working on it so my future doesn’t suffer💗💗😊
    And I always knew that you will become a great teacher that’s why the prefix #Mam 😉😉😉
    Great to see you back

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  4. What a coincidence I also played teachers teachers and my students used to be my younger brother, teddies and doll. And I used to inact my teachers way of scolding and teaching. I also at that time thought of becoming a teacher 😅😅
    It was really fun reading this fabulous post on your dreams.
    Keep up the great work👍🏻👍🏻

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  7. May God fulfill your dreams. A teacher can change a country because it is an education that makes children, a good and responsible citizen of a country. A teacher not only teaches books but he provides moral values which are very important for children. Education is the base of a country. It can change a country.

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  8. After reading your post I think everyone’s first dream might be becoming a teacher because in our childhood we all sometimes love and hate the way our teacher behavior 😊.. so we pretend to be like them after school hours..!! I was laughing inside after reading your post because myself was a young naughty teacher at early childhood with my dolls and toys 😅.. This one is so cute ❤️. It reminds throwback memories and dreams.. I hope you will be fulfilling each and every dreams of yours!!

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  9. This is so inspired! Its beautiful you have so many ideas and passions!
    Have you ever considered using your dreams to get guidance or symbolic messages for your dreams?! It sounds like you’re already super connected with dreams, I think that would be an amazing Manifestation Technique for you!

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