You were loved Kaley!

Street animals and their management are one of the most unmanaged issues in Nepal. Recently, I came across such a situation in life, where I was able to see the condition of all the rescue teams here in Nepal. This incident changed my way of seeing things in life and made me believe that everything happens for a reason.
“Kaley” is a Nepali term for black. So Kaley means a Black dog in this article.

It was around 6:00 PM that evening when I saw Kaley for the first time. He was in our yard, uncontrollably shaking, very wobbly, and was not able to stand on his own feet. He looked drunk, who had lost control of their body. Kaley was in pain, was whimpering, crying as if he was asking for help. It was already so late, so there was zero chance of rescuing him that day. I cried seeing that little dog in pain. But, I was helpless, as I couldn’t do anything for that little one.

That whole night, I prayed all the almighty for blessing Kaley with some more hours of life. I promised myself that I would call some rescue teams early in the morning, as there are hundreds in our country, and ask some for help. I promised myself that I would get that dog rescued no matter what.

Early morning, when I woke up, the first thing I did was checked whether the dog was alive or not. I saw him breathing, so I ran to my phone and started calling every rescue team of Kathmandu Valley (Where I am from). I tried continuously and approached almost five rescue teams. They mentioned that they could not rescue Kaley for some reason. I then found one shelter, who rescued dogs. I immediately messaged them on their Facebook. I waited for their reply, And they promised that they would send some help.

I waited for the entire day for that team to come and rescue that dog while checking whether he was alive or not every other 10 minutes. I was so much in pain myself seeing Kaley in that situation.

When the team finally started to ignore my messages, then we started calling other rescue teams too. But to our disappointment, none of the teams came to the rescue making several excuses. After feeling helpless for not being able to do anything for Kaley, we finally called one vet and asked him to check that dog, to which the vet said that he needs to be sent to the shelter as he needs constant care 24 hours for some days. Even though we thought we progressed and were helping that dog, we were back to the curb one, exactly where we started.

This is the same picture I sent all the rescue teams I contacted.

The next day we were in touch with one of the oldest rescue shelters in Nepal, SPCA Nepal, where I contacted Ms. Beena, one of the heads of that rescue team. She sent her Vet technician and promised that she would help Kaley no matter what. The vet came and checked and said that his symptoms match with rabies. And he also mentioned that they don’t take dogs with rabies as he can be a threat to other dogs in their shelter. Just a day before that day, we made a little house out of wooden boxes and tins and kept Kaley safe out there. So now Kaley had no hope to live painlessly and had no other option than to lose his life in that little DIY house.

The next day, early morning, I received a text from Beena ma’am again saying that someone would be there to rescue that morning. Despite not believing any words, I constantly kept on checking the date and time. I also prayed to God to help that innocent soul today. No matter how many more hours he survived, I wanted Kaley to feel loved despite the kind of disease he had.

Later that morning, at 10 PM, the same vet from yesterday came with a taxi to rescue the dog. Kaley was lying in the mud, wet and muddy, the taxi driver too denied to take him in his vehicle. After I promised to pay the money he wanted, he finally agreed. And along with the vet technician, I carried the dog. I even lost my slipper in the mud puddle, due to which I had to walk the entire way barefoot. The pain that I had in my heart, the guilt of not being able to help Kaley, the helplessness of not being able to do anything finally washed away as I saw Kaley in that Taxi, going to the shelter with the rescue team.

The next day, we wanted to help more to the team as they helped a dog in a terrible condition, counting seconds for his death, so we visited their shelter. Our heart shattered when we found out that Kaley was no more, as he was already struggling to breathe the moment we picked him up and put him in the Taxi. And the team also confirmed that he had rabies, but that poor baby was so gentle and very calm. He didn’t even growl at people around it. So, no one was affected by rabies except Kaley.

Even though Kaley had a miserable life, he got a love-filled ending to its painful journey. We never saw that dog before that evening. We still feel like he was there because he knew we would do our best to help him, would not let him suffer alone, would do something to ease his pain. I am glad that I could give Kaley all the love he should have got, even though it was for some mere last hours of his life.

You will forever have a special place in my heart, Kaley ❤️. You came into our lives and showed us the situation of the animal rescue teams in Nepal. I hope I will be able to make more changes in the life of other street animals in Nepal in the future.

*And the team that promised to help rescue Kaley on Facebook hasn’t even called once though it has been 16 days already. We can see how pathetic is the situation of animal rescues in Nepal!

RIP Kaley!

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49 thoughts on “You were loved Kaley!

    • Yes Cheryl, It indeed meant a lot to me. Being able to help that dog not only eased out its pain moreover also taught me many things that I could not learn otherwise.
      And, Thank you so much for checking up on me! I am doing great, I hope you are fine too! ❤

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  1. I’m so so sorry for Kaley but gladly there are still nice people like you who exist in the world and are ready to help , I hope you’re doing well and stay strong , Kaley knew all your efforts so take it easy.💓💓💓💓

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  2. Last year, a similar incident happened with me in Varanasi. A young monkey broke his leg. Other monkeys left it alone. Day by day its health decreased. I tried to provide water and food to it.
    First, he looks angrily towards me but started eating the Roti. He was very hungry and weak, not strong enough to eat the food with his hands. I too googled for a nearby institute that rescues sick animals. They asked me to take the monkey to their address. I had no vehicle, we’re living for rent as students. Monkey was weak too, not easy to carry on a bike.
    I wish I could have saved it’s life. Another sorry moment.😌

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  3. Aw rest in peace, Kaley. It warmed my heart to read of people like you and the rescue team doing so much to help Kaley. I’m so sorry he didn’t make it but happy that he died surrounded by love. Thank you for sharing. I hope you’re doing well ❤️

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  4. Thank you, for what you did for Kaley. You are a wonderful human being, I wish there were more people like you ❤ "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" – Mahatma Gandhi

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    • Thank you for appreciating my work, Samantha! I am glad that I got to connect with you. Despite having so much going on around you, you’re out here passing on positivity and I think that makes you the best among all. Lots of love. And yes Mahatma Gandhi did say the best thing. If animals are treated badly, that nations morality and progress can be questioned no matter how developed country it is!

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  6. Oh no.. My heart breaks at the thought of the so many animals who couldn’t be rescued in time. You did all that you could for Kaley. Thank you for doing your best to ease his pain. I’m sure he’s in a better place. I hope that he’d be born into a loving family of humans in his next life.

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