Small Joy Tag!

Hello Everyone,

So recently, I got tagged in Small joy tag by one of the sweetest person ever, Vani herself! She’s such a wonderful soul and writes so beautiful stories and has an awesome blog. Do check her blog to get fully entertained and to get a good friend too! You can follow her blog by clicking here:

The Rules of this tag are:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  2. List 15 of your small joys.
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy, feel free to say why!

My 15 Small Joys List :

  1. I am a big baby for acknowledgements. If you acknowledge me for what I do for you, I am the happiest!
  2. I love my sleep, If you disturb me or wake me up before I get my good hour of sleep you will find me so grumpy, and yes I don’t feel good physically as well! So good sleep gives me immense joy!
  3. I have immense love for Jhumkas. I love, love, love Jhumkas! I buy almost everytime I reach near a shop, that’s how happy I get!
  4. I love cleaning. May sound stupid but whenever I clean my house, you will find me so happy in the end.
  5. Gift me books rather than clothes or other accessories, I will even do a happy dance for you!
  6. Makeup is something that makes me so happy. I just love make-up!
  7. When a baby smiles back at me!
  8. When I cuddle up with my dog, I feel so happy.
  9. When someone comes all the way from their place just to see me or surprise me.
  10. When someone really understands me, without having to open up at all.
  11. Whenever my sister hugs me back and says I love you back. That happens so rarely so it’s special.
  12. Whenever early in the morning my dad comes and hugs me and wishes goodmorning! It’s the best feeling.
  13. Whenever mom cooks my favorite food without having to ask for it.
  14. Whenever people like you all, appreciate my writings and motivate me to do better.
  15. And lastly every morning whenever I realize I have one more day to live, one more day to create memories and one more day to appreciate things around me, I get so happy.


I just realized there are so many little things that makes me happy and gives me joy! We often forget to enjoy little things and collect happiness from it. I will try this more often now! Thankyou Vani for tagging me in this. I really enjoyed writing all of these!

Thank you for your taking out your time to read my article. This means a lot. Follow @anjaliutters to motivate me more if you haven’t already!

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