First WordPress Art Exhibition!

For the past seven months, I have been indoors, in simple words, in 7 months long Quarantine! Not by force ofcourse, I chose to stay indoors and avoid people as much as possible! In this timeframe I started my blog, tried so many food recipes, and also am working on one of my not so good skill and that’s Drawing! I have been drawing since the time I remember. I was a very bad artist in my childhood, I drew embarrassing and so much uglier pictures, but I was a child, What more can we expect from an ordinary 5 year old. Despite all that Now, I have finally started working on my artistic skills in this lockdown and I just want to share some of my small works here too. Those who follow me on Instagram might have already seen the pictures; Anyways, to those who have seen and who haven’t already; I Welcome you to my First Wordpress Art Exhibition. Where I show you my not so good drawings and explain the meanings behind it! ❤️

Not my first ever Mandala, But the first drawing I drew in this lockdown! ❤️ This took 4 hours to complete!

As I have already previously mentioned my obsession over Jhumka (Earring), I drew this Mandala just explaining my craze for it ❤️

My first ever colorful Mandala drawn dedicating to the love of my life. My Gods, My parents, who always fulfill my wish even before asking for it ❤️

My first ever 3D Mandala! I wanted to try something different and I came up with this! So much Imperfect, but I love it ❤️

My art explaining so many beautiful aspects of my Beautiful country Nepal! With bright colored map in middle, with high mountains, most unique flag and Several religions with extremely colorful diversity!

This one was the most hard among all, The tiny little dots took forever to make! Hardest yet my favorite ❤️

One of my work for which I am super proud about! I tried making bubbles for the first time and came up with this, I just feel so happy seeing this. And by the way, This was made before one month, when I was so tired mentally, even had an anxiety attack. I just drew this and hoped these bubbles take away all my fears and stress!

This is my latest drawing! I tried doing Dotted mandala pattern here, but kind of failed! This drawing is all about the long distance relationship! Where a single heart beats in two different places! ❤️

This is all about my first ever WordPress Art Exhibition! Thankyou for scrolling and staying till the end! Which was your favorite, do let me know in the comments below! Also, Do give me suggestions about what I should improve and also what I should draw next! Your suggestions would mean a lot to me!

Every drawing tells a story!

Thank you for your taking out your time to read my article. This means a lot. Follow @anjaliutters to motivate me more if you haven’t already!!

321 thoughts on “First WordPress Art Exhibition!

  1. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to start my own. I know how you feel when you wrote these words: this makes me so happy. I like them all. The detail is so amazing. You are talented. My faborite is the last. I love the color. Keep creating!

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  2. I am honestly so blown away. I think my favourite is the bubbles around the mandala. But then again, I also really love the one inspired by your country, Nepal.

    I like the drawing of the two individuals inside the window of the mandala, the way you have drawn them makes it so easy for me to imagine them In Real life.

    But my gosh, I still can’t get over the bubbles. And the fact that you drew that at the time when you weren’t feeling your best, I think that’s quite amazing. Well done, and most of all, well done for being so brave to post these for us to see. I love art, I just can’t get enough of scrolling and admiring.

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