India, Through the eyes of a college student! – Part 2

Last year in 2019, we had a beautiful long tour to India for almost 20 days from our college. We were taken to major places of some beautiful cities. Whenever I have nothing else to do, I just look back at those days where we all were far from home, in a different country, living the best days of our life, I always end up smiling and really look forward to take my entire family to visit India once.

The following things you will read is completely based on what a normal college student was able to grasp and see in that tour. This series will have six different parts, explaining all the things I experienced and I saw, because I don’t want to bore you guys by lengthening it all in a single part! Hope you all like it!

Thank you so much for loving my last post about Mumbai. If you haven’t read my last post, you can read that by clicking here.
And, Many of you guessed Goa as our next destination and Yes, you all are absolutely right!

“Goa – Tourist Paradise”

Ranjana Lipi of Nepal- So much Fun Goa!

After the two days stay at Mumbai, we hopped on the train again and started our next journey to Goa. It was around 12 hours of train ride and was not so much draining like the previous one.
We clicked so many pictures in DDLJ poses in the platforms, it was a fun experience. We played games, we sang, we danced in the train and other locals traveling in that compartment were laughing at us for our behavior.

After one night in the train we finally reached Goa. Goa was comparatively the hottest place of all. We all were sweating and completely drenched in sweat, because we were not so used to so high temperature like that in Goa; since our country is comparatively very cooler than India.

First day in Goa, we had a free day, and since we were kept on a hotel just beside the beach, we were allowed to go to the beach and enjoy it ourselves.

In Mumbai we were not able to get rice in our lunch and dinner (as we eat it every morning and evening here in Nepal), and we weren’t satisfied with the taste as well. But in Goa, the first meal we had was Daal Bhaat and it was so good that I still remember eating so much of it. I felt like being in Nepal and was eating in a Nepali restaurant. After the meal, we went to the beach. It was not our first encounter with the beach but it definitely was the best one. We enjoyed the waves, I bravely went little deeper into the water and played a lot in those waves that day. We even made a stupid looking sand castle there. Everyone in that beach came to give our Sandcastle a look, It was quite a show there. That day we decided and left our phone on the hotel room itself so it was indeed a new experience to enjoy without having to click pictures every time.

Our beach stories!

After that beautiful day at the beach, next day we went for sightseeing. We went to st. Francis Xavier Church, It was my first visit to church. It has such good vibes that I enjoyed my twenty minutes time there. After that we went to see dolphins, Most of us were seeing dolphins for the first time so It was a new experience for all of us. We had a good ride in the ocean along the waves. In some big waves our boat jumped with the waves, It was a fun scary ride, which was completely worth it. After that we went to other famous places in Goa and we were also taken to all the famous beaches there. After that in the end we all were taken to a cruise party, which was a completely crazy and fun new experience for all of us.

The next day after sightseeing, we had a free day again, where we were allowed to go and try some water games if we wanted. I having a huge fear of water didn’t try any. So, I rather spent my day going around the market of Colva Beach side and trying some foods including dosa, chicken rolls, Ice-creams, Paan; which I eventually ended up liking a lot, and also just by strolling around the beach. I bought many items there and also collected lots of beautiful sea shells. Later that night we had a dance party in the hotel itself. Even though we were in India, The DJ of that dance party played us so many Nepali songs. Being able to dance in Nepali songs despite being in a different country was a beautiful and a proud experience. There, we danced so much and had a great time.

Sightseeing in Goa!

Next day was our last day in Goa. We packed our bags and were ready to leave. Our train was delayed that day so we all just plopped ourselves on the floor of the train station and ate paan again, sang songs and waited till the train arrived. And by now, I hope you can already understand my love for Paan and how much I appreciate it.

Overall, Goa was something quite different from what I expected it to be. Goa was unbelievably loud, so much energy around, drunk people everywhere; asking your name and just roaming here and there, cashews everywhere, coconut trees and coconut waters, various foods, sea shells, sea goods everywhere. Goa is a perfect place for people who enjoy being in/around water and for those who love drinking. Me being none of them, Had a little less fun than I imagined myself to have. Not to forget I even had an emotional breakdown the second night at Goa!
So, will I go Goa ever again? – I think No!
& Do I recommend it to others?-Yeessss, Definitely visit there once!

Thank you for reading my journey to Goa. It was quite a good and a bad experience in one. Now after Goa, where do you think we went next? Hint is – Capital City of India! 😉 Leave your answer in the comments below!

What happens in Goa, Stays in Goa !

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50 thoughts on “India, Through the eyes of a college student! – Part 2

  1. Beautiful pictures and the write up amply bears the fact that you enjoyed your trip. Goa is much more than drinks that people allude it to and after you get used to the humidity, the scenery all around is stunning. You just need to move around discover the sites. There are times when the bloom of bright coloured bougainvilleas vying with the green palms is a sight to behold. For foodies like me, Goa is an absolute paradise. There is so much on offer by way of sea food that I am always spoilt for choice.; of course that entire belt is treat to delve in if you are a lover of sea-food. I could actually go ona and on… Nice write up. 👏👏👏😊

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  3. Ha ha forever Goa Fan here…went there multiple times..from married..and was planning to go with my little one than this corona happened. I love the free environment of Goa.
    Waiting for next parts

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  4. This was an enjoyable trip that will be in memory for a long time. Thank you for sharing the experience with readers. I felt I was on the long but fun train ride, felt the heat of the days, and seen the beautiful beaches as you. Be well.

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