Why I want things to go back to normal?

I have always wanted to write poems with metaphorical lines and deep meaning with them. But I always somehow end up writing simple sentences and straightforward lines. This is the poem that I wrote some time back. Covid-19 has taken lives of many people around the world and has taken lives of some of my relatives too. Even though many countries have already started to live a normal life, it’s not the same case here in Nepal. We are still in partial lockdown and are still within our houses. I hope all this ends soon!

For the last two years, We have been fighting,
Fighting with the fear of sickness,
with the fear of death,
with the fear of losing someone extremely close,
And not having things the way we planned out before.

It has spread like a wildfire, uncontrollably,
With no fire extinguishers yet made,
Where one human fears the presence of another,
And Where you need protective barriers,
Just to get a hug from your family,
In which you always felt protected before.

People who had their chance of shining,
Are now shining in the sky,
People who had lots of dreams to fulfill,
Are now only in someone's dream,
People dying is not a new thing in this world,
But now average people who are dying are just 30/40 years old.

Pandemic comes now and then,
It comes in every hundred years,
But the family destroyed along the way,
The helpless cries and their fearsome sound,
Happiness is nowhere to be found!

I want to Graduate, I want to work,
I want to live the life I dreamt of,
I want my family to be safe and sound,
I want my country to breathe a mask free air,
I want people to start having the same hopes and dreams,
And the tears and fears disappeared like before.

I want my dad to live a stress-free life,
I want my mom to finally relax,
I want to give my sister the life she dreamt of,
with happiness and freedom along the way,
I want this pandemic to finally end!

Source: Therandomvibez

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We are in this together and we will get through this together!

– United Nations

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47 thoughts on “Why I want things to go back to normal?

  1. Ughh this poem hit me right in my heart !! The pandemic really wore everybody out , thank you for putting it so beautifully !!! The lines I want to graduate , I want to work really spoke to me , the desperation to go into work in person is soo real !!! Enjoyed reading it πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  2. Poetry, story or any form of writing are the ways humans express themselves. All forms fulfil their purposes.

    Covid-19 started as a disaster, it has stolen our happiness. Covid-19 is a big question. It forced us to fully analyse the way we are living our lives. Somewhere it connected two hearts, somewhere it deepened the rich & poor gap. Overall, it is life-changing learning.

    People lost their lives, authorities showed interest in fighting the opposition. Our health infrastructure is weak, distribution of health services varies from one class to other.

    A district collector had a bigger challenge to implement govt policies at the local level. Labours were continuously running between workplace to home. Some people managed their lives by β€œgoing online”.

    The question is β€” Are we actually living the life we want?

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